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Visitor Information 

Location: Welcome to Bathgate Market and Car Boot Sale, conveniently situated at the old train station car park behind Argos. You can easily access the market from Whitburn Road by taking the road between Home Bargains and B&M. Kindly note that on-site parking is not available.

Opening Hours: 

Bathgate Market is open every Saturday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Join us during these hours to explore our wide range of offerings and enjoy a delightful shopping experience.


We regret to inform you that we are unable to offer any parking facilities, including designated parking spaces for individuals with disabilities, at Bathgate Market. We understand that this may cause inconvenience, and we apologise for any difficulties it may pose to our visitors.

We recommend exploring alternative parking options in the vicinity. Acredale Car Park, located along the road, is a suitable choice. From there, you can enjoy a pleasant walk down Bathgate Precinct, which not only allows you to pass by local businesses but also contributes to a lively and bustling atmosphere.

Another parking option is available at Gardners Lane. From this location, a short leisurely walk will bring you to the market.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused by the absence of parking spaces on the market premises. Please rest assured that we are striving to accommodate visitors to the best of our abilities.

Explore the Local Area:

In addition to the vibrant atmosphere at Bathgate Market, we invite you to take the opportunity to discover the fantastic array of nearby stores and businesses. Bathgate is a bustling town with a wealth of shopping and eating options, making it a perfect destination for a day of retail therapy.

As you park your vehicle at Acredale Car Park or Gardners Lane, we encourage you to stroll through Bathgate Precinct, a lively hub of activity. Along this bustling street, you'll find a diverse range of local shops, cafes, and restaurants. Indulge in some retail therapy, sample delicious local cuisine, or simply enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee in one of the charming cafes.

Exploring the surrounding area not only supports the local economy but also allows you to discover unique treasures and hidden gems.

So, after you've explored the bustling stalls and exciting bargains at Bathgate Market and Car Boot Sale, we encourage you to venture further and immerse yourself in the vibrant local shopping scene. Experience the warm hospitality of local businesses and discover the charm of Bathgate.

Thank you for being a part of the Bathgate community and supporting local enterprises. We hope you have a wonderful time exploring all that the town has to offer!

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